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what to do first

Write, revise, read–outloud, to yourself and maybe to others–revise some more. Find a literary journal or magazine that publishes pieces similar to yours, read through it and find out the submission information: Do they accept simultaneous submissions or online submissions? What is the reading period (it's best to submit at the beginning of these)? Who is the editor? What is the length limit of fiction? Up to how many poems can I submit at once? How much is the submission fee? Submit up to places at a time.

Now wait (write some more during this time).

the cover letter

getting an agent

10 Commandments for Finding an Agent
(from a Presentation by Gail Hochman at the 2004 Sewanee Writers Conference)

 1. Write a Good Cover Letter.
 2. Be persuasive but not by hype.
 3. Don't say in advance that your book will be the next best seller.
 4. Don't cast your movie in your query letter.
 5. Be Original. Show that you did your homework.
 6. Use your contacts wisely.
 7. Send your best work.
 8. Take rejections in stride.
 9. Ask questions.
10. Say thank you.